Tewin Community Advisory Committee


The Algonquins of Ontario and their partner, Taggart Group, are landowners of the Tewin Project (Tewin). Tewin is an exciting city-building project that will transform land in southeast Ottawa into a sustainable, connected, and complete community founded on Algonquin values. It is comprised of approximately 445 hectares of gross developable land that has recently been added to Ottawa’s Urban Boundary. The Algonquins of Ontario are the stewards of the land and its resources. Tewin is an unparalleled opportunity for the Algonquins of Ontario to participate more fully in Canada’s socio-economic fabric and seize opportunities for community building, sustainability, and economic prosperity. Algonquin principles and teachings will guide all aspects of the planning, consultation, and design in the ongoing development process for Tewin.Tewin will become a “best-in-class” example of sustainable community development, integrating the Algonquin principles of respect for the earth with the One Planet Living framework. One Planet Living is a vision of a world where we can live happily within the Earth’s resources much like First Nations peoples’ relationship with Mother Earth. It also provides a straightforward framework to achieve this. Building upon the success of Ottawa-Gatineau development Zibi, Tewin will make Ottawa the only city in North America with two (2) One Planet Living-endorsed communities, cementing the city’s stature as a global leader in sustainable community design. In addition, Tewin will demonstrate how a new holistic vision for community development can address critical challenges like affordability, climate change, housing, and reconciliation.

Meeting Notes

Purpose/Mandate of the Tewin Community Advisory Committee

The purpose of the Tewin Community Advisory Committee (TCAC) is to facilitate collaboration and the exchange of information between the local community and the Tewin Project Team (the Algonquins of Ontario, their partner Taggart Group and the consulting team), local political representatives, City Council, and City of Ottawa staff.The community planning and design process for Tewin is proposed to advance through an integrated Master Planning and Environmental Assessment process, underpinned by public consultation and engagement with stakeholders, including the Algonquins of Ontario.

The TCAC will be a vital part of the comprehensive planning process, which includes the preparation of a Community Design Plan, supporting technical studies, and a Secondary Plan. The TCAC’s role is to provide input and perspectives on the evolving plans, issue-specific matters determined by the Tewin Project Team, and materials to support engagement.

The Tewin Project Team will provide the TCAC with multiple opportunities to ensure that outcomes and emerging directions are broadly communicated and that the local community’s voice is heard. Other consultation groups will be established and run in parallel throughout the planning and development process to facilitate consultation with the Algonquins of Ontario and other Indigenous communities.

Composition and Roles

The TCAC will be comprised of the following members.Chair:
The Chair of the TCAC will be selected by the Tewin Project Team in consultation with City staff and local Councilors. The Chair’s role will be to act as a liaison between TCAC Members and the Tewin Project Team. The Chair will work with the Tewin Project Team to set meeting times, facilitate discussion during the meetings, and approve and circulate draft meeting minutes.

TCAC Members:
TCAC Members will include representatives of local communities with a cross-section of interests and representations, including (but not limited to) community association representatives, local business community representatives, Indigenous community members, interested community members, and local farming community members. TCAC Members will serve as a resource for communication to and from the community but will not have formal decision-making powers or vetoes.

Tewin Project Team:
The Tewin Project Team will be responsible for setting meeting dates and agendas, sharing information during the meetings, and keeping meeting minutes to share with the Chair for circulation to TCAC Members and for approval.

From time to time at the discretion of the TCAC, representatives from the City of Ottawa, the Province of Ontario, or related provincial agencies may be invited to attend a TCAC meeting to provide information and advice.

The composition of the TCAC will be confirmed at the founding meeting, with a target of 8-12 members.


Recognizing that the full Tewin development timeframe will exceed those of normal volunteer activities, participants should expect to serve a term of three years to ensure the continuity of Project knowledge.


The requirement for a quorum for holding any TCAC meeting will be 50% + 1 of all TCAC members present at the meeting.

Meeting Frequency and Expectations

Members should expect to attend two (2) meetings per year, generally in advance of broader public engagement sessions, and they will be expected to contribute to the discussion/provide feedback on the materials/issues presented. Additional meetings may be required from time to time as agreed with the TCAC.


Communication will primarily be conducted by email. Meeting minutes will be shared in draft by the Tewin Project Team to the Chair for approval. Once approved, minutes will be distributed to TCAC Members for dissemination in the community and will be posted on the Tewin Project website.

Meeting Location

TCAC meetings will be held at Carlsbad Springs Community Centre – 6020 Piperville Road. Meetings can be held at other locations from time to time at the direction of the TCAC. Recognizing that it may not be possible to always meet in person, TCAC meetings may also be held electronically or in a hybrid format as circumstances warrant.